As I sit down to write this, I wonder what stage of the creative process I am in. Incubation, feels wrong. It implies that something will happen, that the possibilities will birth into something that I can create and share. Maybe I am in the evaluation stage,
, or reflection, of the new practices I tried this year.

I feel a bit like a failure. I started a lot of things in my class. Most of the ideas came from other cadre member's blogs but I did try some things from my RSS feed. Some of the ideas worked with different levels of success. I should try to focus on the successes.

I went from a paper based classroom to a paperless classroom. Instead of grading labs, students completed check-ins online. This has been an awesome change. Students receive feedback in moments rather than days. They know where they are at in their learning before they leave the class that day. This is a use of technology in my classroom that feels not only permanent but integral to the class now.  

The use and c…

My Journey Vlog


Back from the Brink

Sorry this took so long. I have been prepping to take a test so that I could get a science endorsement on my Teaching certificate. I took a diagnostic test to identify what my weaknesses were.  I was stressed out because the breadth of the test seem too much. But a funny thing happened along the way. I begin having fun. A lot of fun. It was engaging to learn again. It was fun to revisit concepts and skills I haven’t used Since I was a highschooler. The day of the test, I was anxious but excited. I felt I would do well. I’ve studied hard.
 It was the worst test I’ve ever taken.  All the skills and content I learned were for nothing. It really wasn’t a test in science, it was more like trivial pursuit. It was a relief to pass but I was ready for a real test. The questions asked on the test were in no way indicative whether I was qualified or not to teach science at the high school or middle school.
It made me reflect back on my own learning, my old high school and college experiences. …

Embedding Technology

How do we authentically embed technology into our teaching of science? We have been lucky enough to have chrome books then our classrooms for the last four years. At the beginning, it felt awkward to try to integrate it into her lessons. I remember presenting the same material in roughly the same ways and then giving a kid a Google challenge at the end.  As the years have progressed, it has gotten easier and easier to integrate the students use a chrome books into the classroom. Now instead of showings students in animation we can’t send them to the animation and have them answer kadyn questions after interacting with it on their own. In my classroom, the transformation has been dramatic. It is the middle of November, and my students have only used two pieces of paper. Last year as a school, we went from 850,000 copies to only 500,000 copies by the end of the school year. This year the number will be half of that. But is it authentic?  I think it has been authentic. Students no longe…

Television Sick

I remember the feeling. Mom and dad were gone before the sun was up. My brother and sister were dropped off at the daycare. I was alone. By the light of TV, I pulled the Nintendo out of moving boxes and ran the wires to the back of the TV. Mario Brothers. I was alone in this world. Just me and my 8-bit friends. Nine hours and four worlds later, I prepared for my parents return home. I packed the Nintendo back into its box. The silenced in the room revealed the buzzing in my head. My breathing light, I felt sick throughout my body. I was screensick. 
I see it in my life now. I crawl out of bed and cuddle in front of a TV screen. The little one sneaks downstairs and switches it to Netflix. The older one slumbers down and grabs his Chromebook. In her bed, my wife picks up her phone "to check for messages". Her fingers flick through her daily Facebook scroll and illuminates her face in a darkened room.  We're plugged in. We are connected. We are worlds apart.

The internet was …

Bon Voyage

OK, here we go. Another adventure, another destination. Here are the stars that will guide you. Your destination remains nebulous. Your vessel is unknown, probably not crafted. Is this another burden to carry or a tool to help me reach my way? Is this an idea or just wind in the trees? Time will tell. I hope I make it. OK, here we go.